Salli and Keisha met in 2009 when Keisha placed an ad online for a new urban girlband. With two other girls they began writing music and racking up performances throughout london. As a group they had several names and even more members, but one thing was certain they were building a reputation for having big personalities and bigger voices.The other girls came and went but Salli and Keisha remained together, destined to be musically connected. Things seemed to die down as real life and London house prices broke their momentum. Salli moved back to Yorkshire and things seemed impossible. Then came The Voice UK 2018. An opportunity that seemed too good to miss, the duo effortlessly smashed their first audition. With a renewed vigour, we welcome LS 2.0 with their definitive brand of big beat indie hip-hop and huge voices they are known and loved for.

Big personalities and even bigger voices, Loaded Sista are what the music industry has been waiting for. Having spent four years in development, Loaded Sista have mastered their craft to deliver powerful vocals with surround-sound harmonies, on a diverse range of music from blinding power ballads to straight up Hip-Hop. Written by the incredibly talented Keisha Rodney and produced by the best producers in the UK and US. These girls are serious contenders. Keisha Rodney is a Hackney native with talent in her blood. This badass bombshell isn’t afraid to push boundaries to realise her dreams. A musical marvel, Keisha not only uses her incredible voice but, raps, writes and produces for Loaded Sista and a plethora of other artists currently riding the charts. This inked beauty is seriously ahead of the game. Salli is a unique redhead with a big voice and bigger ambition! A reputation for her belt, this Yorkshire lass has been a solo artist in the music industry from the age of 16. Since joining forces with Sista's Keisha and, Salli are achieving her dream and smashing 'girl band' stereotypes with her unique rock vocal. This year sees the band are going hard with a fully scheduled packed with exciting releases and videos whilst the girls focus on the devlopment of the sound that many have come to know through the dedication in performances.

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